Healthy Practices


Hooghly Mohsin College has formed the wing of Bisakha. Bisakha is working all over the country to prevent any sexual harassment in any institution or working place. This College organizes seminar on the role and importance of Bisakha.

Every member of the institution is aware of the functioning of this cell.

Women’s Study Centre

To promote an expanded view of education and learning, women’s study centre of this college explores different scholarly and critical persptecives of women’s studies by arranging and conducting different seminars/ study circles/ workshops. Women’s studies as a subject is an inetr-disciplinary program providing an academic framework focusing on women, gender and sexuality.

Legal Aid Clinic

This College has started the functioning of a legal aid clinic at the initiative of its law section. It’s functions include spreading awareness about various rights available to victims of injustice, legal counselling and helping of poor litigants to get legal aid from the state/ district legal service authority set up by the legal service authority act.

This unit of the college in collaboration with NGO organizes workshops/ seminars on legal rights and awareness.

Sarba Sikhsha Avijan

The College is functioning as a Nodal centre for conducting a central government reseach project to evaluate the performance of the Sarba Sikkhsha Avijan in the Hooghly district. This College plans to implement the evaluation project with respect to learning process, students’ attendance and overall impact of the project.