Students’ Corner


The College has a Students’ Union. This representative body of the students consists of elected student members, who are elected for a term of one year in the month of February. Principal of the College is its ex-officio President. The Students’ Union has useful role in activities such as Annual Athletic Meet, publication of magazine, annual programme of Bankim Parishad, the Students’ Aid Fund etc. under the guidance of a Teacher-in-charge. The College does not recognize any political grouping in the Students’ Union Elections.


Loitering or gossiping or shouting in the corridors, college-hall classrooms and in the adjoining garden is strictly prohibited. There is a disciplinary committee consisting of a group of Professors to look after the discipline amongst the students of the college.


  • To Organize All Bengal Science and Arts Exhibition.
  • To organize Seminar by eminent personalities of India.
  • To organize cultural competition on birthday of Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay.
  • To organize indoor and outdoor game competition.
  • To organize annual cultural program.
  • To organize blood donation camp. Participation in health awareness program.
  • Participation in green plantation program.