• The Department started functioning in 1961.
  • Grew into an Honours Department in 1993-1994.
  • Acquired the status of a Post Graduate Dept. in the year 1997-98.
  • The Department provides the scope of research to interested scholar.


Physiology is one of the important basic biomedical sciences in modern education. The ancient Greeks were the innovators of this science, which entirely emphasizes on the process of controlling and regulating important properties of living system.

The Department of Physiology, Hooghly Mohsin College is the solitary Post-Graduate study center of this subject within the jurisdiction of the University of Burdwan. Starting its journey in 1961, the Department stretched its wings during 1993-94 academic session to open the Honours Course. With the tireless striving of the dedicatedteachers, acquired the status of a Post Graduate Department in the academic year 1997-1998.


Here, a student of Physiological Sciences may take special interest in :

1. Environmental Physiology

2. Nutrition and Dietetics

3. Endocrinology and Reproduction

4. Sports & Exercise Physiology

Covering those subjects, the Department provides :

1. Prestigious seminar library

2. Well-equipped laboratories with spectrophotometer

3. Well-furnished seminar hall

4. Broad lecture theatres

5. Research Facilities

6. Well qualified teachers

7. Fifteen seats for P.G. Course

8. Twenty seats for Honours Course


Eminent teachers of this department since its inauguration :

1. Debojyoti Das

2. Haripada Chattopadhyay

3. Chandan Mitra

4. Prafulla Chandra Karmakar

5. Biswanath Pain

6. Goutam Paul

Dr. Debojyoti Das is a celebrated teacher of this subject and is still now actively engaged in the teaching of physiology.Teachers of present era are his students. He has contributed a lot as an author in this field. Prof. Chandan Mitra is now the head of the Department of Physiology, Presidency College. Dr. Goutam Paul, at present is the Head of the Department of Physiology, Jhargram Raj College. All of them contributed a lot for the enhancement of this subject in this college. The Department provides the scope of research to the interested scholar. They can contract with the Head in this respect for any information. Of late, a scholar was awarded with the Ph.D Degree under the supervision of Dr. Goutam Paul. One scholar is likely to submit his thesis soon. In fine, this Department has opened the goal of higher education to the interested students of suburban and remote areas. Students of Physiology are always welcome in this great seat of learning.

Faculty Members





Dr. Alok Kumar Syamal

Associate Professor & Head

M.Sc., M.Phil.  Ph.D.

Dr.Subrata Ghosh

Associate Professor

M.Sc., M.Phil.  Ph.D.

Dr. Asis Kumar Pandit

Associate Professor

M.Sc., Ph.D.

Sri Arghya Panigrahi

Associate Professor

M.Sc., M.Phil. 

Dr. Nirmal Kr. Pradhan

Associate Professor

M.Sc., B.Ed.,  M.Phil.,Ph.D.

Dr. Subha Bose Banerjee

Assistant Professor

M.Sc., Ph.D.

Dr. Suvendu Ghosh

Assistant Professor

M.Sc., Ph.D.

Sri Kuntal Gupta

Assistant Professor