• The Department started functioning in 1909.
  • Grew into an Honours Department in 1913.
  • The Department bears almost hundred years’ legacy.
  • Dr. B.B. Sen served as a Principal of the College.




The Department bears almost a hundred years’ legacy since its inception in 1909. After offering only Pass course teaching in the initial few years, the Department started functioning as an Honours Department in 1913.

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Over the years the Department produced many brilliant scholars who later established themselves in India and abroad. Prof. Gautam Mukherjee (Prof., ISI, Kolkata), Prof. D.N. Sarkhel (ex-Prof. of Kalyani University), Prof. P.K. Choudhury (ex-Prof. of North bengal University) are only few of its illustrious alumni. Some eminent teachers who added ambience to the Department includes Dr. B.B. Sen of international fame. He also served as a Principal of the College from February, 1952 to May, 1953. Dr. B.K. Samanta, an eminent mathematician, was also a Principal of this College from November, 1986 to January, 1991.

The Department has 7 teaching posts. Number of seats in the Honours course is 30. Student-teacher ratio is currently 7.5:1.

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Faculty Members:




Sri Suresh Nath Bairagya

 Associate Professor & Head


Dr. Jayanta Majumdar

Associate Professor

M.Sc., Ph.D

Dr.Bimal Kumar Sett

Assistant Professor

M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D

Sri Amal Ch. Barman

Assistant Professor


Dr.Palash Mandal

Assistant Professor

M.Sc., Ph.D