Law Section

Located at the bank of river Hooghly in the historical town of Chinsurah is a part of Hooghly Mohsin College, a heritage institution of the country, which has been contributing to the field of learning for the last one and a half century. The Law Department was set up in 1978 with affiliation from the University of Burdwan, one of the reputed Universities of the country.

Course Curriculum

The three years Law curriculum is adopted, to which students are admitted on the basis of rigorous admission test, in which out of thousands of candidates only 80(eighty) lucky students are admitted strictly on the basis of merit. The course requires successful completion of 28 papers over 3 years segregated into 3 yearly examinations conducted by the University.

Academic achievements

Our students come out with brilliant results in the University examination. Results of the last few years reveal that most of the first class students under the University are from this college. Alumni of the law section Hooghly Mohsin College adorn important positions of Bench, Bar, Legal academia, Corporate law Departments, Govt. Departments etc.

Co-curricular activities

The academic curriculum is supplemented and reinforced by organizing frequent debates, quizzes, and mock parliament, moot court which help in an all round development of the students’ personality. The college houses a well equipped library having all important periodicals, journals, books, and other publications in law and other related fields.

Faculty and teaching methodology

In addition to the traditional lecture method we have evolved our own cooperative system of learning in which a class is converted into a session of constructive dialogue on important as well as very common unnoticeable issues, thereby encouraging students to formulate opinion with respect to the most acceptable hypothesis. Every effort is made to adopt an interdisciplinary approach by its distinguished faculty, which consist of eminent legal practitioners and other legal scholars.

Faculty Profile





Sadhna Gupta


Debabrata Basu


Rajib Hassan
Assistant Professor


Sangeeta Roy (Maitra)


Bratin Ghosh


Nirmalendu Shakharu


Siddhartha Pratim Dutta
Part-time Teacher