• The Department started functioning in 1836.
  • Syed Ameer Ali and Abdul Ghafoor Khan graduated from this College.
  • Grew into an Honours Department in 1970.
  • At present the Student-teacher ratio is 5:1.


As per will of Late Haji Md. Mohsin, Hooghly Mohsin College was established in the year 1836 for imparting modern education as well as Islamic History and Culture and Arabic, Persian and Urdu. It is quite evident from the fact that eminent jurist and writer of famous book ‘History of Islam’ Syed Ameer Ali and great Urdu poet of Bengal Abdul Ghafoor Khan Nassakh (Died in the year 1920) were graduated from this College. After the sad incident of partition and huge migration of local people, the Department of Islamic History and Culture and the Department of Arabic, Persian and Urdu became totally paralysed. The Department of Arabic, Persian and Urdu was revived in the year 1953 when Prof. Haren Chandra Paul of Sanskrit was given additional charge of the Department.

In the year 1957, Dr. Abdur Rauf was appointed a full time lecturer. Dr. Abdur Rauf quit the service having taken the lectureship of Calcutta University. Now he is a superannuated man associated with Asiatic Society Calcutta. Then came Dr. M.N. Hasan Hashmi (Jaweed Nehal) in the year 1960. During his six year tenure at Hooghly Mohsin College he carried out his world wide famous Research work “History of Urdu Language and Literature of Bengal in 19th Century”. After the transfer of Dr. Hashmi, the famous Urdu poet and the ex-member of P.S.C Prof. Azaz Afzal joined this college in the year 1966.

In the year 1969, Prof. Fakhruddin Siddiqi famous for his work for Urdu Grammar & Composition joined Hooghly Mohsin College. In his tenure in the year 1970, the Department started Urdu Honours teaching with an additional post of Lectutrer. Prof. Asaduzzaman joined the post. An excellent teacher, Prof. Zaman spent his long 26 years of Govt. service in this very college. In the year 1987, the Department became four men Department by the initiative and special attention of the then Higher Education Minister Late Prof. Shambhu Ghosh. Since then this full fledged Urdu Department is serving this college producing a number of scholars and poets.

Dr. Abdus Sattar, Dr. Nusrat Jameel, Prof. Anis Akhtar and Dr. Dabir ahmed contributed a lot during their stay in the department.

At present there are four teachers serving the Department of this reputed college. Some of them have all India reputation in the field of Urdu prose writing. Student-teacher ratio is 5:1.

A post-graduate teaching in Urdu is in the offing.





Faculty Members




Sri Anis Akhtar

Associate Professor & Head


Dr. Omar Ghazali

Associate Professor

M.A., M.Phil., Ph. D.

Dr. Md. Iqbal

Assistant Professor

M.A., M.Phil., Ph. D.

Sri Aleem Hasmi

Assistant Professor


Dr. Mohsin Khan

Assistant Professor

M.A., Ph. D.